Current Projects

Allen is currently finishing his last semester of college at the University of Mobile, and preparing for his professional career!


Allen Dawson is a graduate ot the University of Mobile. He has played various roles such as Eric in The Little Mermaid, Dickon in The Secret Garden, and Barrett in Titanic. He has studied at the International Performing Arts Institute in Hamburg Germany and worked with Ralf Schaelder. Allen is also a violinist of 17 years, and has played in the Alabama All State Symphony Orchestra on multiple occasions. He has much experience in the design and construction areas of theater as well.

Mr. Dawson also participated in the Pre-Broadway performance of Daniel Lincoln's Calixte. Allen played the role of Fender and covered Link Larkin in the Command Performance Broadway intensives Hairspray which was music directed by Jimmy Vukovich. He has worked with various names in the film industry such as Megan Rafferty, Barry Shapiro, Paul Liberti, Dale Brown, Gary John Larosa, and Caesar Rocha.